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Triptych Force


God proves

that His word is true

by the things that He makes happen

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Hello and welcome! 


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I am Michelle Carbotte, writer of two blogs and several eBooks on spirituality, God and the supernatural energy that I call the Triptych Force. I have a message to proclaim. It is, that: God is real, He truly loves us and He gives us miraculous powers to achieve our heart's desires!


My quest for knowledge and wisdom began in Catholicism but God is everywhere and He lead me to study many different philosophies and faiths. On my journey of discovery, a deep and profound connection to the Creator of the universe was forged and I am filled with tremendous admiration for God's intricate vision and planning.


As a young girl, my connection to the spirit world was very strong. It gave me faith that something outside my reality existed. From this position, my quest for wisdom and understanding began, and now it is time to share with the world what I have found, because sharing with others, what has been a blessing to me, is good and of sound logic, which are only two of the many wonderful attributes of the Triptych Force.


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I was called to write this eTrilogy (digital trilogy) and I am just as confident in saying that God is calling out to each and every person, to do something that adds goodness to the world. I am living proof that perfect faith is not required; the only things needed are, hard work and trust in the promise; everything else will be supplied to us through the Triptych Force.



I invite you today to learn more about this wondrous power I call the Triptych Force. If you do not have an eReader, has a Kindle app for laptops and PCs that is available free of charge. May the magical energy of the Triptych Force wash over you and bring you an abundance of peace and prosperity. FSHS  



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